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The Be Responsible program has been developed by members of the Beryllium Science and Technology Association (BeST)BeST represents the suppliers of beryllium in the EU market, as well as traders and industries that rely on the unique properties of beryllium to  design for miniaturisation, energy conservation, greater reliability and longer product life. It aims to promote sound policies, regulations, science and actions related to the use of beryllium and to serve as an expert resource for the international community on the benefits and criticality of beryllium applications.

Over the years, BeST has worked to advance the science of beryllium health and safety to better protect beryllium workers, family members and the general public. Customers and users of beryllium containing materials benefit from the creation of the Be Responsible Beryllium Product Stewardship Program that formally engages workers, trade unions and governmental authorities in a cooperative arrangement that seeks to continuously improve worker safety during the production and processing of beryllium-containing materials.

What We Do

BeST has the technical resources to effectively support Be Responsible and actively seeks and encourages buy-in from downstream users toward achieving a much higher level of worker protection.  BeST works with EU Member State authorities in jointly offering technical assistance particularly to small businesses that may not have the technical resources available to them. BeST envisions a commitment toward continued working collaboration with trade unions, authorities, customers, downstream users, trade associations and other interested stakeholders.

The members of BeST ensure that the Be Responsible program addresses the key components necessary to achieve a high degree of safety for workers in the primary beryllium industry through downstream users of beryllium-containing materials. BeST recognizes that substantial uncontrolled workplace exposure to beryllium can present a potential health and safety hazard to employees.  This program is intended to minimize any such potential hazard. BeST recognizes that it is prudent to adopt beryllium exposure controls where feasible and necessary, and that compliance with Be Responsible will reduce potential health risks in places of employment and other activities involving beryllium manufacturing or use. Further, BeST and regulatory authorities recognize that Be Responsible is an appropriate vehicle for encouraging the continued reduction of beryllium workplace exposures, at both manufacturing and end-user facilities, and that there are engineering controls, work practices and personal protective equipment readily known and available to implement the provisions of the Program.  It is clear to the parties involved with this initiative that innovative, out of the box thinking, coupled with the total involvement of the workforce sets the stage for a firm commitment to eliminate CBD.

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